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Waist Deep Fishing

More about Captain Tim!

Raised in Indiana as the youngest of seven, Tim and his next older siblings Glen and Margo were subjected to unthinkable abuse. In the midst of a deteriorating nuclear family, the 3 youngsters were eventually removed from the home and sent to boarding school in southeast Kentucky. At Oneida Baptist Institute the siblings thrived. Tim loved the farm where he would hurry to finish his assigned chores so he could fish in the nearby pond or in one of several adjacent creeks and river. Fishing became his therapy. Alone with his thoughts as he developed his fishing skills, Tim learned the value of reverence for God, love of nature, and the importance of paying-forward human kindness and good deeds. He eagerly shares his positive outlook, life lessons, and fishing techniques with whomever is casting nearby. 

Human Kindness with Nature Mindfulness

Captain Tim Show is for adventurers of all ages. We celebrate quality experiences that involve purposeful engagement with our guests. We are a non-profit organization* dedicated to helping others experience fishing for enjoyment, wisdom & balance!

*501c3 application pending

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